The full production of Three Witches began rehearsal on Monday 16th October. Here are pictures of some of the team.

Nez and Ollie Rehearse

Naomi Lee Schulke (Nez) and Oliver Evans (Ollie) who play the two youngsters Beth and Roy practise the 'Middle Of The Road' Song

Simon On Guitar

Simon Spencer-Hyde getting into the spirit of the music.

Kathy Toy

Kathy Toy takes time out from playing Hagwitch‚ the character she brought to life in the development project.

Jenny and Guy

Director Jenny Stephens discusses the sound elements with Stage and Technical Manager Benedict (known as Guy) Jones.

As The Crow Flies

Puppet Maker Hannah Proops and director Jenny Stephens work with Simon at getting Crow just right - not sure what Crow thinks of it...

Fight Rehearsal

Fight Director Jonathan Howell rehearses the actors in the dramatic fight scene in the play.

  • Nez and Ollie Rehearse
  • Simon On Guitar
  • Kathy Toy
  • Jenny and Guy
  • As The Crow Flies
  • Fight Rehearsal